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Patterns For PHP was created to offer PHP programmers of all levels of experience an online resource and reference to inform, encourage and help readers explore best practices in object oriented programming for PHP.

The principle is simple. When a programmer (old or new) hears about the miraculous powers of design patterns, or gets intrigued by cryptic references to "polymorphism" or "decoupling" they face the task of researching them. The internet is a wonderful research tool but material is often spread across individual isolated articles and blog entries, not all of which are specific to PHP.

So, in Summer 2006 Patterns For PHP as born. A place on the net which will offer PHP centric reference material and articles on Design Patterns and the basic principles which underpin them and OOP best practice in general. It is hoped this resource will provide many readers with an enlightening and information packed experience.

The center of this online resource is the Design Pattern repository, each implemented specifically for PHP. For each Pattern we catalog we aim to provide an overview for quick study and further in-depth sections exploring the Pattern and it's potential uses. We also intend to include Unit Tests. This is our core purpose for existing and the main offering to the rapidly growing PHP community.

To ensure the resource has maximum usefulness the entire website is a public wiki and the public is enthusiastically invited to contribute as they see fit. We value public feedback so be sure to harass and drive Administrators crazy should you have a suggestion to improve the resource.

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