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Pádraic Brady has been an open source PHP developer since 2002. After spending three years developing PHP websites on a part time basis, and being a regular contributor/security reviewer to several online PHP games, he has since gotten a high paying job reviewing internal control systems and applications with a multinational company (who shall go nameless).

Since 2004, Pádraic has been working in his spare time on several PHP game projects, and has been busy developing a small PHP framework called Partholan. Plans for the future include getting a PEAR account, developing an Ajaxified Chess Server for PHP, and sharing 11 years of programming experience with anyone willing to listen.

You will most likely find Pádraic hanging around on the PHP Developers Network Forum, or lurking on several game forums patiently fielding questions on game design in PHP. Pádraic lives in a rural area of County Wicklow, Ireland, where he often entertains the locals with stories of how many different ways websites mangle the weird a-acute (á) character in his name. He desperately looks forward to Unicode support in PHP 6.

Pádraic maintains a blog over on

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